we are So different/A glimpse into our future + farms stands + what bird is this?

My husband Doug and I are so different. In fact sometimes I think we have more differences than similarities. The kids like to point it out to me a lot and I have to admit sometimes it leaves me feeling sad. I even find myself thinking “Did I marry the wrong man?” “How did we make it 21 years?”

For example:

1.He is hot and I am always cold.

2. He likes camping in the woods , I like the beach.

3. I am dramatic and get excited very easily. (I’m talking clap my hands jump up and down) He is as even keeled as they get.

4. He likes Winter (all things cold)  and I like Summer (all things hot)

5. I like T.V , Doug definitely does not.

6. I like sweet, Doug likes salty.

7. Me- Chocolate, Him- Vanilla and honestly I could go on.

A few weeks ago I was really letting all this bother me so much. So I prayed…. asked God to help me to see things differently. On Sunday sitting in church Doug reached over to hold my hand while the Pastor prayed over the offering. As usual his hand was hot and mine was cold. Right then I had a thought. I leaned over and whispered in his ear…..

“If you mixed us together we make the perfect person”  

And just like that, a new perspective was formed.

We had the whole day to ourselves on Sunday. Can you believe it? 4 Kids and they are all out doing their own thing which leaves Doug and I on our own…. for a whole day! I got a glimpse of what our life will look like in 10 years.

Here is a glimpse of our Date Day!

We started our day with church. I finally got to wear this new dress, I bought it a few weeks ago but haven’t been anywhere yet that I could wear it. Yellow is not in my color wheel, but I think with a little tan on me it looks pretty good. I bought it at Urban Outfitters.

I needed more frozen Acai for my favorite dessert,( Acai bowls of course) so that brought us to Whole Foods. So we had to have lunch, I just love their salad bar and I am always amazed at how much more Doug’s weighs compared to mine. We are so fancy with our cardboard box lunch date!

After Doug took a quick nap, we hit the trail for some hiking… in 85 degree’s with 90%humidity! Yes, then I was hot.

I found this little feather while we were hiking. Isn’t it cute? I wonder what kind of bird did this came  from?

Our day ended on the couch, me with an Acai bowl, him with popcorn. And if I am being honest… I was in the living room watching a movie and he went downstairs to watch the news. (See so different) LOL.

I choose to focus on the differences as the reasons that our relationship works, instead of being the things that can pull us apart. I appreciate who he is; because for all the reasons we are different, I could count 100 more reasons why I love him so much.

Tell me …. I need to know!

Chocolate or vanilla?

What is your favorite outdoor activity? (by the way, you can have more than one favorite) 



  • Kev & i are just as dif as y two.
    Me Him
    vanilla. ChocolatE
    Cold Hot
    Beach. Inside (AC)
    Excited. Calm
    Silly. Serious
    Tall. Short
    Night. Day
    Hands on. Book smart
    Summer. Winter

    Miss you xoxo

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