So you wanna be a runner? 4 Tips to get you started.

The other day a friend asked me, I want to start running, where do I begin?

OH MY HEART! I just love helping people get started. Because lets face it, I love to run so naturally I think everyone should.

So where do you start? Well, with the easy, fun things, so I am giving you my 4 top tips to get you started on your running journey.

The right pair of running sneakers makes all the difference. Try your best to find a place that specializes in finding you the right fit. These places will watch you walk and run in your sneakers to help you make the perfect match. This will help to avoid injuries especially as your joints and muscles get used to the pounding on the pavement.  And, of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a fun color or one that you really love.


Nothing makes a run more perfect than having the right running gear. It can make all the difference between a good and bad run, hey, I may not be having a good run, but at least I look cute. And there is nothing like looking and feeling good while you run. It is no secret that I am a fan of Lululemon leggings, they are a great fit and have a pocket on the side for my cell phone that is just the right size. These are one of my favorites, they have a slight compression which is great for your legs on those longer runs. I also have a few pair from Athleta  that I like and again they have that pocket so I do not have to hold my phone while I run. I love to match for my runs, even my watch band!


The right playlist makes all the difference when you are running. I dowloaded Spotify on my phone for $10/month I get all the music I want and I can create multiple running playlists. And I do have multiples! Some people also love listening to a Podcast or inspirational teaching while they run. Also, grab a pair of wireless headphones, it helps make your run easier without a wire attached to your phone and feeling like you could get all tangled up. Mine are Beats and I just love them.


Half the fun of running is in the excitement of starting. Mentally you are feeling so pumped up about starting something new. And rightfully so! Being a runner is exciting, fun and also hard. There will be days you don’t want to go for a run. My advice? Do-it-anyway! Even if it is a few miles or just one. It will keep you in a good rhythm. The mental and physical benefits far out way the hard days.

And most importantly…. YOU-DO-YOU! Do not compare yourself to any other runners out there. You run for you, your pace and your distance. This is your Journey, so run it FREE!

What goals do you have for your running? 

What about a 5k (3 mile race) to start? 

I would love to see you in your running gear, snap a pick and tag me on instagram! So fun. 




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