Some Running Favorites & A Tornado

The weather here lately has not been the greatest and I just do not like to run in the rain…. so I have been seriously missing my runs.

Which got me to thinking about a few of my favorite must haves for running.

We all know that a good pair of  running sneakers is a must. If you can, find a reputable shoe store that specializes in fitting you with sneakers. The place I go to actually watches me run and walk then lets me run around the building to try the sneakers out before I buy them.

It is so important to find the perfect pair!  I am a creature of habit and I stick with the same sneakers for running. I have found out the hard way (for me) what happens when I change sneakers…. usually shin splints and knee pain. These are the best fit for me, the Asics GT2000 Dynamic Duomax. You can find them here, here and here. And please note these are all last years model so they are at a discounted price!

For an extra boost of energy I love beachbody energizer. If you can get past the strong lemon taste it is a must! And the GU is a great addition for my longer runs when I am training. I love the Vanilla flavor the best!

Happy one year Anniversary to my Apple Watch. I bought it for myself for my birthday last year, I don’t know how I lived without it. It is great for timing my pace and mileage and I love that I can read my texts even when I am away from my phone.

Let’s talk music. I have about 4 different running playlists depending on my mood. I love Spotify!  Their family plan is so amazing and cost effective! You have to give it a try!

This past Tuesday we had a series of pretty strong storms blow through here! Tornado warnings were going off on our phones, the sky turned green, the wind picked up and I began to pray… HARD! I am so thankful that all we lost was our power for about a day, but unfortunately other towns around me were not as fortunate. Lives were lost and power is going to be out for a while. I am sure what we experienced was nothing compared to hurricane alley, but it is all new to us Northenerns.


What are some of  your favorite running/workout songs? 

How do you fuel for a run/workout? 

What was the worst storm you have ever experienced ? 


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