Progress NOT Perfection


If you are like me and on a new path in life of  healing from an eating disorder. I want to encourage you today to go slow and have grace with yourself. The road back can be long but be patient  with yourself.  I had 30 years of a wrong pattern with eating and I need to remember…… THIS IS GOING TO TAKE SOME TIME.  One thought at a time . Moment by moment day by day little by little. One step at a time.

But listen don’t get me wrong, I am a “Get er done” kinda gal. When I get my mind on something I don’t stop till I get the results I want.

I am learning to be patient with myself. It is hard for me to say this but I may actually slip up. I am not confessing failure I am just being honest with myself. Because if I “slip” I know I can get up and tell myself its okay we are doing awesome and get right back on the road to healing. I don’t know how long it will take. All I can say is that I have tasted its freedom and no food I have ever binged on tasted this good.



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