Stop the train I want to get off! + I give you permission too + My dad would be proud + I am in denial.

Hey you! Double high fives for making it happen in your life. No matter what that looks like, you are showing up and taking that next right step for you. (how much do I love these leggings? They are in a lot of my running selfies. HA! )

My next right step is to get off the train. Let me explain. My mind has been like a train going full speed with no stops in sight. The Train= my thoughts. No stops = No social or blog posts.

Sometimes my mind just thinks so many things that I just don’t know where to get off and say something. Then too much time goes by and I start to overthink (as if I wasn’t thinking enough already) everything I want to say.

Has this ever happened to you? Please tell me I’m not the only one who wants to scream “Stop the train I want to get off!”

So I gave myself permission to just slow down…. and I am giving you permission too. Because in the midst of this runaway train I have been missing out on the life that is passing me by. Usually I pay attention to all the details snap pictures and thoughts in my head so I can share my life with others. Hopefully to inspire you in some small way. But lately I haven’t been paying much attention… to anything but my own crazy brain.

Going full speed is just not a healthy thing. For us and those around us. Like I spoke about in my last post about stress, overthinking puts stress on our brains. And boy does my head hurt! So starting today let’s give ourselves and each other permission to just rest. Take the unrealistic expectations off of your shoulders. Make time for friends. Family. A run, hike or walk. Find a way to release all the things going on in your head in a healthy way. (clears throat.. eating a pint of ice cream is not going to clear your mind)

Even though I was stuck in the world of Karen’s brain the last 12 days I did take the time to notice a few things.

Prom. Wow! How did I end up with such beautiful/handsome kids!

Our School is small so they allow all high schoolers to attend Prom. Emily is a Junior and Jacob a Freshman.

Rachel felt like she was missing out this year so she hopped in for a picture too. (I have no idea where Jeremy was in this moment but probably getting into something he shouldn’t) ha!

Converse for her shoes. This girl lives in leggings and hoodies so she wore her true self under the dress!

They both had dates. I am in denial that it is even possible for any of them to have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Okay. I know she is my daughter and I am biased but Emily looked absolutely stunning and I may have even shed a tear (or two) when she walked down the stairs. (looking like Cinderella) I envisioned her on the day of her wedding. I can not even imagine! Cue all the tears!

Our memorial Day weekend looked like doing yard work for 3 days and planting all our flowers. We put Jeremy to work. My dad would be proud! (He did yard work, mowed lawns, a landscaper of sorts) Did you know the name George means “Earth Worker” and my dad LOVED to be outside working. Jeremy George is following in his footsteps.

Rachel and I took a last minute trip to the beach on Sunday morning. I am not quite sure what I was thinking. The traffic? Insane. The water? Freezing? But the sand and sun? So nice and hot! I was in heaven.

The water was 50 degrees and just to put your feet in was so painful. People were running in and out looking like they were hypothermic after only 1 minute. I asked Rachel “How much money would it take for you to go in? All the way in?” Her answer $20. I was like you are ON!! It took her about 15 minutes to work up the nerve but she did it. She was pretty proud of herself , especially when people clapped for her when she got out. lol!

Well. That felt AMAZING!! I realize that this little space of mine is my heart. I love being here sharing the little pieces of “my middle” Thank you for taking the time to listen while I stop to unload “all the thoughts” I appreciate each of you so much!

Now its your turn:

What is the coldest water you have ever swam in? Any polar bears out there?

Do you have a green thumb? Plant flowers or just maybe a hanging basket? Me: I love the flowers and planting them but I hate the edging and rototilling of the ground. That is all Doug!

Don’t forget… Give yourself permission to slow down the train and get off for a bit. The rest of the world needs you!

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