Strawberries + summer runs + Have you ever seen this + a secret

Hey Everyone! Can summer slow down already? It just seems like everyday and week just flies by. And this past week has been c-r-a-z-y!

Every year in June I go strawberry picking so I can make Jam and stock my freezer for the year for all the Pb & J’s. And last year I missed picking so I got in big trouble with my crew. (hubby included) So I knew this year was a must!

I decided to go on Father’s Day, mainly because I really had no time to squeeze it in anywhere else, and the season only last’s for about 2 weeks so the timing is crucial. I recruited my husband and two boys and as usual I picked a few to many berries. It was Strawberry shortcake for Dessert and all this jam! (We had to clear the extra freezer of some Venison to make room.) WOW! was that a lot of work, it took me two days to make it!  (not because it is hard but because of the limited time I have with everyone home) And I use the quick freezer recipe for an easier process too.

The Craziest thing happen and I bet you have never seen this before. A couple of weeks ago I took all the kids to the dentist for their cleanings. And of course it was time for annual Xray’s and over the last year my daughter grew a tooth! Why is this weird you ask? Because she is 16&1/2, has had all her wisdom teeth out and is done with her braces. The dentist said he has never seen anything like this…. yay me , lol. Thankfully at this point it doesn’t need to be pulled. Simply put by the Oral Surgeon…. it is just an extra tooth. So weird.

The weather is really warming up around here and I am totally loving all of it. Except when I don’t get my run in the morning and have to brave the afternoon sun. Now you might say , “why not just skip it that day?”  Well, because that would be to easy and not being true to my crazy heat loving self. I also have a goal set for myself this summer for the amount of miles I want to get in. The picture is of me after a short 2.55 mile run in 90+ degree heat last Sunday. It was insane. (and that is for sure a forced smile) 🙂

I use my grill about 5 out of 7 nights for dinner and this grilled chicken is by far my new favorite summer dinner. I used boneless skinless chicken breast and a “secret” family recipe for BBQ sauce, so so good! I sometimes use boneless chicken thighs also.

Just kidding… 😉 , it’s no secret (not anymore) cause I am gonna share it with you.

1/2 cup olive oil

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

1 egg

salt to taste

Perfect Pinch Italian seasoning (by Mcormick)  – I literally just dump it in but use 1-2 TBLS to be safe

Whisk it all together and Voila! Delicious, easy peasy BBQ sauce

I don’t marinate my chicken , just brush it on while I am cooking.


Do you like to pick berries? Make Jam? Homemade pies? 

Did you or do you have you wisdom teeth? If so how many did you have? Me- I have no wisdom teeth never have never will. Weird right? 

What is your favorite grilling recipe? I need to know!! 




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