Summer Fun


IMG_5319So the last three days I got to spend some time with these guys. I decided on a road trip to the Jersey shore (despite the fact my husband wasn’t able to go) I packed up 3 teenagers a tween and a 6 year old and off we went.  I know it sounds crazy and well it was a little nuts at times but overall we survived and had a really great time.

IMG_5325 IMG_5333

I am in a new season in my life right now. After years of always trying to be great on the outside I am finally focusing more on the person I am on the inside. Trying to become a better wife, mother , friend and over all person.  The main thing I am focusing on is staying calm and not letting life’s  little storms move me. Well, this trip certainly put that to the test. Nothing catastrophic happened but sometimes it isn’t the big things but all the little things added up that try our patience and I was flying solo with no spouse to lean on ( he is the calm and put together one when these things happen) . I want to learn to respond to things differently and in order to do that I need the not so convenient situations to help me by forcing me to act differently. I need to teach myself to respond the right way until it becomes a part of who I am.

IMG_5324That being said I was not always perfect in my responses in fact I have some moments I am not proud of  but my kids helped me laugh my way through it. On our car ride home we were able to recount all those “things ” that had happened and laugh about it. What a lesson I have taught my children. I taught them that I am not perfect , that I surrender my life to someone who is and HE gives me joy to laugh my through it.

God Bless all of you!!! And keep pressing on!


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