The last first day/time to clean out + Something smells fishy!

Hey You! Are you ready for all things pumpkin spice? Cooler crisp mornings. No humidity!? Can I get an amen on that one 👈🏻 Believe it or not the season of Fall is one of my favorites. The other one being Summer… of course.

Well… Today was the last first day of High-school for my daughter Emily. I went through this 2 years ago with my oldest Rachel so this time went a little easier. (Plus Emily doesn’t like it when I cry so I stuffed it in) ha! So here’s to another year of last times for Emily. I find that I am able to have so much more grace for the laundry that piles up in her room. The dishes left behind. And the sometimes teenage “attitude” she gives me. Knowing that next year she won’t be a part of my everyday life.

Here she is, on the right, her first day of Kindergarten.

I blinked and here we are…..

After they left we went for a run. My favorite place to run is a bike trail about 30 minutes from my house. Murphy has helped me train for a few of my half marathons. He did a great job keeping up. 😉 He even got a compliment. “Your dog looks so regal” ha! If you only knew. He may be a Standard poodle but he hunts, mountain bikes, runs and can chase shadows for hours in the back yard. (Burps and farts like a human too) 🤢

We finished with about 6.5 miles. My apple watch… I never got a screen protector for it. Send help!!

I decided it was time to clean out my refrigerator. It was long overdue. I have begun to switch out my plastic containers for the glass ones you see on the top left. Plastic breaks down even just sitting in your fridge and leaks into your food. It is a known carcinogen so please try your best to switch to glass where you can. And especially DO NOT heat your plastic. No Microwave or dishwasher!! Never!

Oh my word! I made this salmon dish for dinner and it was A-ma-zing! It has a honey mustard sauce on it ( I doubled my recipe) And those are Brussel Sprouts and butter nut squash and fresh tomatoes from our garden. From the cookbook Eat what you love by Danielle Walker. I have been using all of her cookbooks since Doug took sugar and red meat and anything processed out of his diet.

Tell me something…

How often do you clean out your fridge?

Do you love to Spring clean or Fall clean up?

Have a dog? Does he/she do anything so weird?

What is your favorite thing about fall?

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