This is priceless/let it go/no excuses/sentence per picture

I got my husband to take a selfie with a filter! What do you think?


Letting it go this summer looks like Ice cream before lunch with friends.

This look on my daughters face when she opened her graduation present is priceless!

I am making no excuses this summer, getting my running in no matter what means taking my youngest with me on the bike trail. He REALLY helps me keep my pace.

We run on the pavement and run our errands, always making time for a stop at Starbucks.

Me: your nice to run errands with ; Jeremy: Yup, I’m super fun!

We have another licensed driver in the house. Good thing I am getting my hair colored tomorrow.

Another Acai bowl. This one with chopped banana, peanut butter and drizzled with honey.

Remember to take time to look at the little things in your day. They will be your memories one day.

What are you letting go of  this summer?

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