Today Is a New Day

IMG_4991My Purpose

I  started this blog because I truly felt the Lord laid it on my heart. That years of pain for me has now become my purpose.

My heart is to reach other women of all ages to let them know that they are not alone in their struggle whatever that may be. That there is someone who understands what it is like to live life in shame. To always feel like you never measure up , that you are not “Good Enough”.

If I only reach one person then I will have done my job in obedience to God. For me it is not about the amount of people who come across my blog but the people I impact to make a permanent change in their own lives. Then those people reach out to others and the trickle down effect takes placed millions of women (and men) are reached to change their lives for the Gory of God!

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Are you going through a new difficult season and finding yourself having a hard time coping? 
I want to encourage you with three daily actionable tasks to help you make space to live in the moments and to find God right where you are.