water water everywhere + does this happen to you & 3 ways to stay consistent with exercise

Hey Hey! I hope everyone is having an amazing week!

My last week was NUTS.

My husband and two girls left Sunday for a missions trip to Texas. They are going to be helping victims that were affected by the flooding from hurricane Harvey last year. It is so hard to believe it has been 11 months since that hurricane and there are people who are still displaced and suffering with the damage.

We have two hummingbird feeders that hang outside my kitchen window. I love watching them while I am cleaning or doing dishes and apparently so do my cats. (see the water spigot in the picture below that is hanging over the counter?)

Well, the night before my husband was leaving to fly away from me for a week, the cats somehow turned on the water spigot that I mentioned in the above picture. And it was on all-night-long. At 5:45am we woke up to a flood in our kitchen and it was literally raining in the basement!

My husband kissed me goodbye and reassured me everything would be okay and walked out the door. I cried a little… Then 4 of our guys that work for us showed up and ripped apart our basement , insert( crying emoji) carpet, walls and ceiling.

Does this ever happen to you?

I have gotten myself  into a bit of a comparison trap this past week and I absolutely hate it.

Feeling not good enough, stuck and down right paralyzed. Comparing myself cause me to lose my momentum in life.

It really got me to thinking, I must not be the only person this happens to.

Do you ever feel  less than and caught in a trap of comparison. especially when it comes to your health and fitness?

Getting out of bed and hitting the pavement , or the gym, and eating healthy doesn’t look like the women in your news feed that you see.

As I scroll through my own social media I see pictures of women in their post workout “sweaty selfie”. The caption reads “I didn’t want to work out today, but I pushed through and did it anyway” followed by lots of hashtags on strength and determination.

I have to say, I am guilty of doing this same thing.

But today as I went out for a run (which I didn’t want to do. ha!) I thought about posting the same post again with the quote and hashtags…

But then I thought, how does it make other women feel when they read that? Does it encourage or discourage them? What if being determined and driven is not one of their strengths and this only makes them feel less than and not good enough.

Maybe you find yourself in the comparison trap every time  you read these somewhat “annoying” posts..

I want to share with you 3 ways to start being more consistent today with your health and fitness, and, stop comparing!


#1~ Stop telling yourself that you don’t like to exercise.

**It really bothers me when I hear people say this. 1. Because I love it and in my mind I think everyone should too, and 2. because you tell yourself all the time you don’t like it and then use it as an excuse not to get moving. oh and 3. I want to see you living your healthiest, most free life possible.

Self talk is so very important. What the mind thinks the body will follow so be very careful not to defeat yourself before you even get started. If you go around saying that something is hard or you don’t like it, guess what?, chances are you won’t ever like it and it will always be hard.

(that was just a little tough love right there)

#2~ Do what you love and you will love what you do.

The more you do something you will actually find yourself wanting to do that thing.

It really is that simple.

Its similar to, when I eat dessert at night,  it becomes a habit. Then every night I find myself craving dessert. Same thing goes for our fitness. Workout one day then the next and the next and you may actually find yourself “craving” it. ( I am only using this example because I am eating a brownie right now and I have gotten myself into the habit of having dessert every night) Send help!


#3 Find what drives you.

This may take some digging and soul searching but what activity either now or in the past excites you? Even just a little….

I’ll let you in on a secret, I didn’t always love running. Gasp! I know right? I first began running because of all the calories it can burn, especially a hilly run. But the more I did it I just loved it more and more. So sometimes you have to test drive a few things first to find the right one.

What motivates you the most and gets your blood pumping? Maybe it is some serious upbeat music or a motivational speech to get you going before a workout. Whatever it is, find it!

I am confident if you put all 3 of these things into place in no time you will find yourself saying you love to exercise, making time for it by doing something that you love and encouraging others to get out there and do the same. And whats even better , you can apply these to any area of your life that needs a little more consistency and a little less comparing.

Remember you are one decision away from your dreams becoming a reality.

** I know there are exceptions for those who have had an injury or have limitations. But I believe the mind is very powerful and if you want something bad enough, it can be yours.


I would love to hear about your life… Leave me a comment below.

Do your pets do anything crazy like turn on the water? 

Ever been on a missions trip before? Me- not yet.

What is an area you struggle to stay consistent in and which step will you start today? 







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