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6.32 miles avg. pace 11’37” that is my typical average for an early morning run that involves hills… too many hills.

So are you ready? Here is a day in the life of – me, including a bit of what I eat. This was not your typical day or I should say not a very healthy one!

My day actually started the night before with my husband ripping out the floor in our half bathroom. Praise the Lord for his type AAA personality and his ability to get things done even at 10:00PM!


That put a damper on my goal to get a good nights sleep and wake up at 5:50am. But I am on a mission to keep my word to myself and when I say I am going to get up early and run I am going to do it. Plus I didn’t sleep very good that night anyway so I feel like I never went to bed.

Yes, I drink coffee before I run! Only about 20 sips. I think it is more the addiction than anything. lol. And a half of a banana with about a heaping tsp. of Almond butter. That gives me the energy and protein I need for my run.


I love watching my worship on Youtube. It makes me feel like I am actually there and I am really able to invite God’s presence into my day. By the way, I am loving this Jesus Calling devotional, the devotions are written as if God is speaking to me for that individual day and then there are scriptures I look up.


We are still in the middle of putting our house back together after the mini-flood in our kitchen and basement. I have hired a decorator to help me because I am creatively challenged. She stopped by this morning to help me pick out paint colors and brought me some peaches from her own tree. SO good!


I went to Starbucks and met a friend for coffee. We were supposed to be working on our businesses together for just a few hours… We didn’t talk very much business but we did manage to get in about 5 hours of quality time!  We are old friends that lost touch and after 10 years God brought us back together at just the right time. (we have A LOT of catching up) I am so thankful for her in my life.


This is what I ate for lunch. My Go-To  Starbucks drink: 5 shots of espresso over ice in a trenta cup. 1/2 Caf.

I got home to find this going on in the back yard.. I little target practice.


Had this quick snack while I made dinner.


I tell ya , my family, we are all going in different directions these days. My husband taught a class at church, one daughter was working, my youngest is away and the rest went to youth group. So I was left by myself to eat dinner… watching Rachel Hollis on Youtube,  I was in heaven…. notice the basket of laundry waiting to be washed. That was my next thing I did.  *Dinner was burger with sauce and dairy free cheese, sweet potato fries and broccoli.

Recap on what I ate:

Breakfast: 1/2 banana with Almond butter and coffee

Snack after running: other half of the banana & a slice of cashew bread with a very thin layer of Almond butter.

Lunch-ish: Lara bar and ice coffee

Snack:  A handful of Cashews

Dinner: Hamburger with sauce, Daiya dairy free cheese & broccoli.

Bed: 10:45.

I would love to hear about your day! 

What do you eat before a workout? 

Any tips on for eating on the run? I have not mastered this yet! 

Favorite Starbucks/Coffee drink? 

Do you have a garden or grow your own fruit? 




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