What is Stealing Your Joy? + Early Christmas present + My favorite Quote This Week

It is so much easier to look for and give Joy when life seems to be going our way, but when the days seem long and hard in your season of life it can be near impossible.

Maybe you are asking the question in this season of your life, “I know that things are going to come at me but how do I make it so they do not throw me and my Joy out the window”  Well, I am so glad you asked because this week I will be touching on some common Joy steelers in  life and how we can continue to look to God as our source for happiness. What is steeling your Joy? Stress, people, yourself, finances,  just to name a few, be sure to subscribe to my blog and on all my social accounts to follow along.

Yesterday I got an early Christmas present! If you read my post “Christmas gift guide” I mentioned a trip to NYC during Christmas time as one of the things I wanted for Christmas. If you missed it you can read it here. Well, yesterday I went to the city, but not with one person, but there were 14 of us! Yup, you read right 14 and to answer your question, that does make it hard to walk through the city.

I was so happy that my sister was able to come with us. And the bonus of getting up at 4:15 to get to the City early is that we had Rockefeller Center pretty much to ourselves.

The highlight of the day was not getting a Starbucks and walking around but going to see the Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes.

My niece didn’t make it to the end (that’s what happens when they get up at 4:30am)

The end of the show was a remembrance of why we celebrate Christmas, because over 2000 years ago God sent His son as the Greatest gift of all.

My favorite quote this week is below really gives you something to think about. ha!

I am looking forward to this week as we dive into the things that try to steel our Joy!

What is something you love to do at Christmas? 

Have you gotten any early Christmas presents? 


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