What the Fall has taught me + a few things

Hey Friends! I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends. Food. Family. Sleep. Repeat. ha!

My daughter, Rachel, came home from college on Saturday. She had never met Abby in person yet. I think Abby likes her and they will be great friends! (Abby likes everyone so that’s a bonus) 😉

Next stop… manicures. Of course!

Rachel had to work at 7pm on Thanksgiving. (retail) I’m not a fan but she is a college student and wants to make all the money she can on break. So we held Thanksgiving at our house this year. Abby got all the love for being cute and little. Murphy is feeling a little left out.

Then the post dinner fatigue set in. ha!

Fall is almost over. Not officially until the 21st of December but unofficially December 1st because that is when our first snow storm is coming. God taught me 2 things this Fall as I watched the leaves change and fall to the ground.

Number 1. Change can be so beautiful.

I used to really hate it when someone said to me “Boy you’ve changed” My brain automatically said ” Why do I need to change? Am I not good enough the way I am?” But now I am realizing that change truly is an amazing thing. When a person does the work of leaning into God, His word, rising up in the middle of the hard no matter how she feels. That is beautiful. And now the greatest compliment anyone can give me is “Wow, you’ve changed”

Number 2. Some things must go!

We had a small wind storm. When I came out the next morning this branch, which looked perfectly healthy to me, was laying on the ground. WOW! What a revelation of the pruning that God does in our own lives.

This branch looked beautiful with it’s changing colors but once the wind blew too hard it revealed a weakness.

The storms come into our lives. The wind blows. God uses the wind to remove anything from our life that is not moving us in the direction of His purpose for us.

So as you head into the winter months I want to encourage you to look around you. Be intentional in the moments. And see if God speaks to you about the season.

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