When God Calls You Alone + I may have cried

I began to quit…. I stopped posting on Social Media, getting quieter and quieter. I found myself running less and less, binge watching Netflix & Hulu and online shopping a bit too much.

I was beginning a season that brings back pain and tragedy and I quickly found myself going to the “dark and twisty places” in my mind. I was spiraling out of control.

In July I had signed up to go to a one day women’s conference, Propel Women. I had my hotel booked and I was set to go it alone. I was feeling brave back then.

Going it alone can be scary… I mean, when you are mom of 4, going away by yourself is a VERY rare occasion and well it can feel lonely. I know that probably sounds weird but its true!

The day I left I went for a run in the morning, ran one mile for each hour I would be sitting in the car. That was 4 miles. And how cute are these pants from Athleta? They have side pockets for your phone and they even zip!

When I left the house this was happening. We are having a whole house generator put in. So… Party at the Odell’s next hurricane or tornado!

I broke up the long drive by stopping at a mall in New Jersey that has my favorite store right now… EVEREVE.  I may have cried as I walked up to the store, I told you I am obsessed! I have been online shopping with them but now I am actually about to walk in the store. The sales girls are SUPER nice and helpful. Shout out to Annie who helped me find some great pieces for a stay at home mom who loves to blog, sit in coffee shops, attend bible study and lead a class at church.  I got these boots , this t-shirt, this blouse, this tunic, and a pair of jeans, just to name a few.  It was an amazing shopping experience from start to finish. I highly recommend, and of course if you need a friend to tag along…. I’m available!

A four hour car ride sounds long but not for this mama, I listened to any music I wanted without complaints from the peanut gallery, set the thermostat to just the right temp and listened to these to awesome ladies on podcast. If you haven’t heard of them check em’ out, you won’t be sorry.

After all the excitement of my shopping spree this is where I landed when I arrived at my hotel. I had packed my own dinner and ate in my room while watching Netflix. Every mom’s dream right? btw…. I am kinda liking these seltzers.

The conference was beyond amazing. Bethel Music, one of my favorite worship bands, was there along with some powerful speakers. God spoke into my heart that day and I left so full of His word and these two words “STEP IN”. Those words make me feel scared and powerful at the same time. The fear comes from thinking “will I be able to do it” “am I good enough” , lots of self doubt. But I also feel powerful, it feels like a command from the Lord and with that I feel His power working through me. His power brings confidence, bravery and this overwhelming sense that I can do anything because He is with me along the way.

I found these great signs and couldn’t resist getting all three of them. I have no idea where I will put them but I love there message. Maybe I will gift them to someone. That’s a great idea!

If you read the signs carefully they say “UNDEFEATABLE” , “UNSHAKEABLE”, “UNBOUND” .

When the day was over that is what my spirit was full of. The promise that with the Lord I am Unbound, not bound by my past mistakes or my family history, I am making a conscious decision to not bring my past into my future.  Unshakable, no matter how I feel or what it looks like around me I will keep my eyes laser focused on God, His word and the vision he has placed in my heart. Undefeatable, nothing can stop a woman who has been called by God to fulfill His purpose here on this earth. Whatever that looks like for her, no task is to small or great, in God’s eyes it is all about obedience to answer the call.

Ready? Let’s STEP IN! Psalm 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way. 

Have you ever gone away alone? Where?

~ me: New Orleans by flight to a conference. Scary?… Yup!

Do you have a favorite podcast you are listening to right now?





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