When Grief says come

Grief says come. Slow down and let me in. Please don’t busy yourself with other insignificant things to help you distract from me. Filling yourself to comfort & cope. Come sit. Lean into me. Let’s feel & cry together. Move forward with me by your side. You need me so much right now. I want to come in, cover & comfort you. Give you my unconditional love and peace.

Healing begins with Grieving

I said “Yes, Come” Grief rushed in. Covering me like a warm heavy blanket. With comfort and understanding.

The grief that is calling, the voice that you hear? That is God. He is in the grief that comforts. He understands. He is in every emotion and He feels with you.

God says come. I want to give you joy for your mourning. Beauty for the ashes. Redemption for the things you have lost. The person, future, all the dreams that have died. Your story is not over.

If you want to heal from grief you must go through it.

Realize and accept that grief will always be there because that one person you loved so deeply is not. Grief and love walk hand in hand.

Grief is a journey, a process that cannot be rushed through. Be confident that God is with you every step of the way.

Psalm 126:5 – Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.

God never pretends that this life will be free of hardship or pain. But He insists that, for those who know and love Him, our tears are nothing but seeds that will bloom one day into enormous trees of Joy.

Karen xo


  • Beautiful and heartfelt words of encouragement Karen. Love that you remind us all that grief isn’t something to run from but to welcome and allow space for it process. Thanks for being a light and calling out truth even when it’s not always easy. Many will be blessed by your strength and light.

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