When have you ever felt really loved?

Happy Valentines Day! ❤️

When have you ever felt really loved?

As I sat across from my phycologist that day processing through a hurt deep in my soul; She ended our session with this question…

When have you ever felt really loved?

My idea and feelings of love have been rooted in doubt, fear & insecurity. I grasped for love and acceptance when it was available.

I remember as a child laying on the sofa with my mom. We would be watching a movie, eating snacks and she would rub my head and hold me close. I “felt” loved. But that love would soon leave when she would go into her bedroom and emerge “my other mom” the one who drank. Too much.

She taught me that love abandons. Love rejects.

If I had a boyfriend I felt “really loved”. I mean we said “I love you” so that made it real… until he left. I waited for the next guy to love me. I was searching for someone to please fill this hole in my heart.

I craved real love.

When I lost a significant amount of weight as a teenager and I was given attention. The affirmation & value I found in those compliments, I felt “really loved”. And I quickly taught myself that how I “look” can give me value and worth.

When I felt lonely and left out, I found love and companionship in food and TV. A constant friend who always fills me, brings me comfort, soothes my aching soul and never leaves.

Truthfully this has left me asking what is love really anyway?

Real love is never found in the form of a person. Food. Boyfriends. Not fame or fortune.

Real love is found in Jesus Christ. When our hearts are anchored to His love we are then able to fully accept the genuine love of others.

We need the supernatural love of God to replace the hurts and our preconceived ideas and to fill our hearts.

1 John 4:10 – Love consists in this: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the atoning sacrifice.

God sent love to us in the form of His son Jesus so He would be our example of what “real love is”

How do you experience this real love in God?

  • Open yourself up to receive His love by acknowledging your brokenness.
  • Surrender your heart to Him
  • Allow God to pour His love into your heart.

I am pursuing the love of God in my own life. I want to learn how to live fully in the goodness of God and His love for me. Then I will be able to “really love” others.

Now I know that real love can be found in many forms.

  • A hug &/or kiss
  • long walks spent listening
  • Coffee dates
  • Movie nights alone at home
  • Reaching out to hold someones hand.
  • Sending a card.. In-the-mail! lol
  • Random text to say you are thinking of someone

These are just some of the ways God is showing me that He is pouring His love in my heart by using others around me. And I want to be used God in the same way.

I want to Really Love others.

So ask yourself this Valentines Day… When have I felt really loved?

I would love to hear how God is pouring His love into your life. Take some time to think about that. Journal it in the form of gratitude for all He does in showing us His love to you everyday.

Share it in the comments too encourage another woman who may need to hear “you are loved”

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  • I can so relate to most of this, but never been able to put it into words. We all need affirmations that we are loved! On a few occasions God has given me Valentine’s…too sweet! Once while on an Island in the Long Island sound from Norwalk, CT. I was walking alone on the Island and came upon a rock in the shape if a Valentine. I knew it was God telling me He loved me. I wanted to take it but instead took a picture and left it for another who may need God’s affirming love! Over the years, the Lord has showed me leaves in the shape of Valentine’s and another smaller rock. Most times I saw them when I needed them most….a reassuring sign of His 💘

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