When the heat is turned up. My little Obsession. + Why I changed my blog name.

This picture was taken a couple of years ago in the Cayman Islands, my happy place.


So a few weeks ago it finally warmed up and the rained stopped here in New York, for a few days anyway) lol.

And As I was driving around I noticed that all the leaves just seemed to pop out in all their green gloriousness all at once!  And it got me to thinking….. growth happens when the heat is turned up. So the next time the “heat is turned up” by life circumstances, just remember, YOUR GROWING!

Did I mention summer is my FAVORITE season? Bring on the heat!

I am a little obsessed…. okay A LOT obsessed with Lululemon leggings. And Sunday afternoon I found myself at the mall, what was supposed to be a quick in and out to a few stores , well…. let’s just say it wasn’t quick. Let’s face it, shopping is real therapy and a major stress reliever! Add in a cup of coffee and I am a new woman!  LOL.

Of course I can not go to the mall without at least walking into lulu to see what the latest new print is.

These really are my favorite leggings to run in. They have added compression for long runs and the pocket is perfect for my cell phone.

As you can see I have bought a few pair

As of today I have changed the name of this Blog from Karen Odell Living Fit and Free to Karen Odell Journey to Freedom.

Where I am at in my life right now is all about freedom. I have been held in bondage for so long to low self esteem, body image issues, emotional eating, addiction to food and being a rule following perfectionist. I want to share my daily journey of becoming Free and breaking Free. Of course I still love my fitness, and I will be writing about that too, but my heart is first for the Freedom message.


What are your favorite brand of workout clothes? 

Do you live in a warm climate or do the seasons change dramatically? 

What do you crave freedom from the most right now? 

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