When you don’t know which path to take + One simple thing

Do you ever feel like you are just all over the place? With balancing your marriage, home, kids, working and a vision God has placed in your heart SO BIG that you can’t even imagine how it is going to happen? Not to mention trying to squeeze in self care.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I  just loose my focus and feel lost as to which is the best path to take? Because we all know we can’t do all the things all the time.

What should I do next?

Which way should I go?

Will I be good enough?

What if I fail?

So many questions swirling around in our heads, wanting so badly to do “the more” we feel hidden deep in our souls.

All the questions and lack of focus in my mind leaves me feeling in bondage to my consuming thoughts. And since my goal everyday is to walk out the freedom Jesus bought for me I began seeking God for His clear direction. Because I am at a point in my life and my relationship with God that I do not want to do anything unless it is what He wants me to be doing.

And then He whispered to me through the words of a friend and my answer came.

Follow the Grace….

Grace by definition is God giving us the ability to do what we could never do on our own. The free and undeserved favor of God. Now, this doesn’t mean it is the path of least resistance but the one where you feel His unexplainable strength while you take that next step.

There is one simple thing you can start doing today to learn how to follow His Grace.

To Follow the Grace you must first seek His face. 

To further break this down I am going to give you my top 3 must haves for seeking His face.

  1. A Devotional~ I found one that I absolutely love. (check it out here) It is Jesus speaking to me and there are scriptures for me to look up to dig deeper into His word.
  2. Worship~ There is nothing that draws us faster into the presence of God than Worship. This is the time we focus only on Him giving thanks and praise for all that He is.
  3. Journaling~ I love journaling! Writing my thoughts and prayers out on paper in someway helps my soul feel lighter. I also love how I can go back and read my old journals and see how far I have come. There are SO many journals out there to choose from but I really love this one.

I find that keeping it simple really helps, not complicating things by looking at what everyone else is doing. And putting my focus completely on Him.

So, Let’s take that next step, Seek His face , Follow the Grace and watch Him do the rest.

What does “seeking His Face” look like for you? 

Is it hard for you to slow down and quiet your mind to listen to the voice of God? 

me~ yes! 

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