When you feel bad for hurting

Do you ever feel so ashamed of your feelings?

  • When you say I’m afraid; they say – Fear not!
  • Sad? Your Joy is in the Lord.
  • Angry? Don’t sin in your anger.
  • I am struggling with unbelief ; ➡️ Have Faith , do not doubt = unanswered prayer.

So then you feel so bad for hurting. Grieving. Grow to resent your feelings. And instead of feeling deny, stuff & cover them.

  • Confess them away with scripture
  • keep busy, busy, busy
  • Fill them with food
  • buy, buy, buy filling the hurt with the new and exciting things
  • Control- Turn my focus on controlling what I can (because I obviously can not control my feelings)
  • Control what I eat, what I weigh. Control others. Control my surroundings. Anything I can get my hands and thoughts on.


What about instead we just gave ourselves permission and took the time to “FEEL” the hurt, pain and disappointment. To make space for the tears & sobbing?

As long as we “avoid” these feelings and emotions that we have deemed shameful, a sign of weakness and lack of Faith , we keep Jesus at arms length.

Instead, let’s acknowledge our pain and allow ourselves the space to feel it.

Be still in it.

It is when we are still, leaning into this space with God, that we have the privilege of experiencing God’s grace, love, comfort.

I give you permission today to “feel”. I will sit with you. Listen. Hold you when you cry. Acknowledge you’re hurt. No shame. ~ God


  • You are not alone
  • Your hope is in Jesus
  • No one may understand, but God does.

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