Why do I do this? + Race day thoughts + running music

Hey there!

I posted this pre-race picture on my instagram and a friend commented with a purple heart emoji. We always send each other that specific emoji because it stands for strength and bravery. Not knowingly I wore this purple shirt for my race. I hadn’t even thought about the color and what it means when I put in on that morning.

I am Strong & Brave. Proverbs 31:25

This Saturday I ran in my first race (8miles) since having my breast implants removed and it was also my first race in a year. It made me realize how sick I have been all year and not able to train for those long miles. I had signed up for a half in March and April but had to cancel both because my body was just not well enough. I have to admit the first half of this course was tough for me. SO many hills and 100% humidity, but once I hit mile 4 my legs and mind were ready to GO!

I do not know why I do this but I get so emotional before I race. The tears begin on the drive over and then continue while I am running. Now I am not saying ugly tears but my eyes are definitely watery.

I was never cheered on as a child. No one celebrated me or my accomplishments, even the small ones. Maybe thats why at a very young age I just stopped trying. I never did sports or any extra school actives. But at age 35 I began to run…… and run and run. And after my first half marathon I knew I had fallen in love. The tears come from a place of such gratefulness that I finally have something I love to do and people actually cheer me on! They come from being told after a knee injury “you will never run again” to seeing God’s healing power manifest in my knee and here I am today, running. I look back at my younger self, that little girl and teenager who thought the only thing she was good at was loosing weight and I say “look! we are good at something” I finally have something that I am celebrated for (and I also get a medal at the end). #i<3running

My Random Pre-Race thoughts.

  • I fix my shoes 1000x before I run. Obsessive I know.
  • The feeling of having to pee is constant. It must be the combination of the excitement, adrenaline and feeling all the emotions. (now I know why dogs pee when they get excited too)
  • Speaking of adrenaline… it is insane! I never did drugs but I am pretty sure this might be what it is like.
  • And finally… I can not for the life of me figure out those runners who run before a race. I mean I know why they do it. But me- I do not want to run anything over that last .1 mile if I don’t have to….. I think I may die if I do.

Here are a few of my warm up songs. Yup… its all hard core grindin’.

  • Firestarter ~ Tank Parade
  • Lazay~ Krimer
  • Overheat ~ Kompany 
  • Finest hour ~ Sullivan King
  • Begone ~ Sullivan King

During the race…

I started out with Whip it by Devo. and some of my favorites were Crazy in Love~Beyonce, Violence~Lecrae, Solo~Demi Lovato, Revolution~Kirk Franklin. 

And I finished the race strong with The Glock~Sullivan King

Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to WIN!      1 Corinthians 9:24

How are you running your race (life) today? Let’s all run to win! 



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